Roos Jonker

Leading jazz musician

Roos Jonker is a singer, songwriter and producer, mixing classical jazz with influences from soul, hip-hop and pop. But that’s not all.

Jonker is more than just a musician willing to go down uncharted paths in the making of very personal music. She is multi-talented, singing, playing the piano, guitar, harp and saxophone and already performing with jazz legends like Benjamin Herman.

Her dreamy, jazzy music has received critical acclaim, which has not been limited to the Netherlands. Her album was released in Japan, Thailand and Taiwan and it had very high positions in popular Asian hit charts. Jonker’s next stop will be Rotterdam, where she will perform on TEDxRotterdam with We’ll Make it Right, featuring, Benny Sings, Bart Suer, Dean Tippet, Bo Koek and Les Frog.